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Gadsby’s Bakery, based in Southwell, provides sweet treats and bakery staples to shops up and down the country, as well as all Lincolnshire Co-op food stores. The traditional methods that Gadsby’s Bakery uses require our talented colleagues to be accurate in their care and attention to ensure delicious results and their recipes have passed the test of time!

About ourBakery teams

Working in the bakery, you’ll be preparing our delicious baked goods that form the Gadsby’s range and ensuring the goods are packaged in safe and visually appealing way. You’ll need an eye for detail and be able to work alongside others to produce high-quality results.

Work togetherDriver

As a driver, you must be confident and attentive. You’ll be responsible for making sure the produce gets to shelves in a safe and timely manner, completing food safety checks, and complying with important health and safety requirements.


Get to knowJohn

Click the video to hear what John, Bakery Assistant has to say about his experience working at Gadsby’s.



Our storiesCareer path

Click below to find out how Chantelle has developed in her role as quality assurance supervisor at Gadsby’s.

Quality Assurance Supervisor

I completed my GCSEs and left school at 16. I always loved travel so started looking for a role in that field.

1997 – 2006
I worked in the travel industry for eight years, in various roles like travel consultant and assistant branch manager.

I then ventured into the banking world working for Barclays for almost eight years as a personal banker.

I had my first son in 2011 and second in 2013. I worked for myself for a period selling wooden toys under a company name “Ted’s Toys”. I had to make sure I was motivated working for myself and it was often tough.

I have always been career focused so when I saw that a quality assurance assistant role at Gadsby’s was available and applied instantly. I thought my skills could be transferable and it was a good opportunity to learn more. I was successful and joined the Gadsby’s team in September 2015.

My role as quality assurance supervisor at Gadsby’s is a varied one and no two days are the same. I'm always learning something new and I really enjoy that about my job.

I work closely with the managers onsite and with the food safety manager. I’ve been on courses such as Level 3 Food Safety, Principles of Microbiology and Hazards, Analysis, and Critical Control Point to gain the knowledge I need for my role. I have more courses coming up soon.

This year I’m going into my eighth year in the business. I’m really looking forward to discovering what my future looks like!

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